Development and society

Director ‘sword:

As the real estate investment companies play a pivotal role as specialized and effective institutions and participate strongly in building the national economy on the one hand  and developing the Egyptian society in all its categories and sectors, the company has undertaken to be at the required level of efficiency so that we move the project from conception to implementation Taking into account the variables that accompany the various projects in terms of size and complexity on the one hand and the needs of the client renewed and growing on the one hand without prejudice to specific time frames and rapid pace of performance that distinguishes us , So our company is the We are proud to have the tools and the reasons to succeed and pursue the latest scientific and practical applications in its field, led by a team of experienced  real estate investment and financial investment professionals with extensive practical experience locally and regionally. effective in the establishment, management and financing of many real estate projects.

Most analysts expect the Egyptian economy to grow at a rapid rate over the next five years. The company's management aims to reach out to become one of the largest real estate investment and development companies.

Relying on experience and commitment to the highest quality standards. Creativity in the optimal use of advanced and modern technological capabilities is the best way to develop integrated projects that serve the community and contribute to a better life for the family and society.

Chairman of Board of Directors.

ENG. Lubna Khattab


 Based on the concept of real estate development and its importance to communities and that benefit ira  community will reflect positively on the developer at the end because it is the same part of this community  good market is characterized by abundant supply and diversity and not the volume of demand because the supply creates demand. We believe in participating and contributing to creating a better tomorrow by working with our competitors in presenting the best and the new. We also believe in the role of the private sector, which is pivotal in growth and creating employment opportunities for youth. We aim to achieve a continuous and rapid growth rate that contributes to the development of the national economy.

The company's management aims to offer the best real estate projects offered at suitable prices and payment methods that are distinguished and flexible to study in all aspects and to achieve the leading role in providing outstanding projects.

Manager Director .

Hesham Saad

Shared responsibility with government organization

Urbn plan to develop the ALfardos neighborhood in Banha

1. The outline of the entire area has been prepared and approved, including road networks, facilities and elevations.

2. Canceling industrial activity and disturbing activities for comfort and adding multi-purpose activity and entertainment.

3. Adopting its expansion of some traffic axes (back street).

4. Adopting its expansion of the back street from 18 meters to 22 meters.

5. A traffic study was carried out for the entire area after development and proposed changes in traffic directions, signs, etc.

6. Comprehensive plan for security development, including new security stations.

7. Transport weekly markets outside the neighborhood.

8. Remove bushes and street vendors and open all main axes on the agricultural road.

 Community responsibility

The management of the company called and contributed and participated in the initiative We do not share Benha Helou Bina. In the first quarter of 2018. The aim is to encourage young people and encourage them to participate effectively in building a better tomorrow

Al-Bawaba News: Coverage of Osama Al-Abd:

Friday March 02, 2018 - 05:15 The marathon 'Yalla Banha Helwa Bina' was launched within the activities of the community organizations, development partners and Banha City Council in coordination with Shabab Group Banha Life, Young Muslim Youth Association, a number of men and some popular elites in the city with the aim of spreading the spirit of Belonging and calling for participation ʡ Presidential elections and campaigns to beautify all the streets and villages of Banha city center. For her part, Najwa al-Asheiri, President of Banha city, said that this initiative is the first of its kind, which aims at encouraging the citizens of the city and activating and developing all the streets and roads of the city and removing all the concerns and problems facing the citizens in their daily lives. Al-Ashiri explained that the marathon was attended by hundreds of people from the city of Banha. The road included the streets of Banha starting from the villas. The initiative includes a number of activities including exhibitions of your place for reduced goods, pavement painting, city street planning and the initiative to dispose of garbage from the source. After being separated from the citizen.