Al-Jannat Investment & Real Estate Development Company

The company was established in 2014 and is one of the largest real estate investment companies in Egypt, offering the Egyptian market the correct meaning of the residential complex in terms of luxury, design, and construction, safety and quiet

The company has a great history of real estate investment and the establishment of many residential and administrative facilities in the best design and implementation of Alfardous gardens Compound, the most important modern projects of Al-Jannat for Investment and Real Estate Development Al-Kambond website

Alfardous gardens Compound is located on an area of 5600 m2

The penthouse overlooks 30 meters and is also close to Banha Governorate. The cabins are 3 minutes from Banha and 5 minutes from the new regional road.

Services that characterize Alfardous gardens Compound

1- Shops all specialties in the Alfardous gardens Compound

2- Medical services, clinics of all specialties, pharmacy and analytical labs 24 hours

3 - a Special social club for the population in the Rove for all ages, gym, spa and recreational and sports centers in the compound

4- Nursery for children, play area and swimming pool for children

5- Central shower and high-speed internet

6 - garage for the population and a special entrance to the residential and commercial and administrative

7- A restaurant and cafeteria complex at the highest level

8- Exhibition of electronic and household appliances inside the Compound

9 - security and guarding and the latest surveillance cameras work even in the absence of electricity Intercom Central and a complete wall on the place separated from life outside the Compound

10 - The latest fire extinguishing system and warning network on the latest level and water tanks

10 - The latest fire extinguishing system and warning network on the latest level and water tanks

11 - Electronic ladders and elevators work after an hour of power failure and open at the nearest door

12- Solar energy for lighting the garage, corridors, natural gas and hot and cold water

13 - No need to get out of the compound because it has all the services needed by the client

14 - a Payment system that suits all categories and installments of up to 10 years

15. Continuous and periodic maintenance of the compound


Al-Firdous's project contains many units with different spaces and designs suitable for all individuals. Green Architecture The green architecture of the design of buildings and buildings is characterized by energy conservation and energy saving, thus saving much of the money spent on wasted energy. In a clean environment that is beneficial to your health and your family's health


The units of the project offer to finish and finishing a text. Through the gardens for investment and real estate development, you can receive your unit on the key with the latest and finest decorations and designs and the best and finest materials used in finishing (floors, walls, and paints)

Photos of the project The pictures below show some of the different project units You can contact now and get the latest offers and the best investment company and real estate development in Egypt Continue with the customer service now Call 01202224040